Tuesday February 26

Dropout, Samothrace, Pilgrim, Rapturous Grief, Paradox
9pm | $7 | 21+ Brought to you by Grind Your Mind & Dude City Productions
Samothrace initially came together out of friendship made through involvement in DIY Punk/Hardcore/Metal community. Although currently based in Seattle, WA, their hometowns span from New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma. Their lyrics, albeit poetic, are rooted in the ideals of social change, political incoherence, and a bleak but positive outlook on life… intended for those who’ve taken back their breath and risen on their own and those who wish to do so.

Samothrace is an evolving beast. Keep it heavy… keep it underground. Heavy music for heavy times.

Members are currently or have been involved with; Oroku, Lethe, Black Christmas, Sentient, The Fuktards, This Building Is Cursed, Short Bus Kids, Christianistan, Skarp, Book of Black Earth, Splatterhouse, etc